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The FÈVRE family was born several centuries ago in the heart of Chablis' vineyard. Indeed, we have been able to draw our family tree since 1745. Our family has always worked in the vineyard; some of us were tonneliers (around 1800), some nurserymen (around 1900).

We can nonetheless be more accurate with later generations:

​One of our ancestors, ZEPHYR, already cultivated vines in Vaulorent; back in the nineteenth century.

But it is only at the beginning of the twentieth century, with Marcel (1876-1976), Gilles' great-grandfather, a very enterprising man who predicted the success of Chablis that our estate expanded.

Then, with BERNARD (1902-1993), Gilles' grandfather, our estate expanded again especially by purchasing lands of Chablis Grand Cru (Les Preuses) and Chablis Premier Cru (Fourchaume).

JACQUES, Gilles' father, grew the estate once again by purchasing lands of Chablis, as well as plantations on plots formerly destroyed by phylloxera.

~Our vineyard is the fruit of the work that these generations have fructified.~

Martin et Julie
Gilles et Nathalie
Julie et Nathalie

Gilles obtained his Diplôme National d'œnologue (DNO) in Dijon; where he met Nathalie. Today, thanks to the experience they have gained in various sites in France and abroad, we aim to enhance and enrich the heritage our ancestors have given to us. Furthermore, we both collaborate with advocacy and development organizations for the Chablis appellation (such as Syndicat de Défense de l'Appellation Chablis, I.N.A.O., B.I.V.B., etc).

Our daughter, Julie, obtained her diplôme d'ingénieur agronome at École d'Ingénieur de PURPAN and her Diplôme National d'œnologue at Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, just like her parents. Thanks to her experiences throughout the world and her innovative expertise, Julie brings a different perspective and a new momentum to our domaine.

Our son, Martin, studies engineering in the United States at the University of Notre Dame and helps us occasionally.

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