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"We work in the simplest way possible as to let

our fabulous terroirs express their minerality

and complexity."

Both of them being oenologists, Nathalie and Gilles work hand in hand and divide the main tasks.

Passionate by the work in the vineyard, Gilles supervises everything that takes place in the Family's lands, aiming to preserve the heritage transmitted through generations. Thus, we adopted a sustainable production approach so as to 
limit the interventions in the vineyard, which allow for our terroirs to express their uniqueness.

We respect and preserve our soils by promoting tillage and grassing, associated to environmentally friendly techniques, conditioned fertilization using soil analysis, and sustainable phytosanitary treatments after numerous observations in the vineyard.


"There is no great wines without quality grapes."


Always aiming to improve the quality of our grapes to strive for perfection, we have made the choice of an organic approach for a part of our estate, especially the Grands Crus and Premiers Crus. They are cultivated without insecticide or miticide, but with organic means of control (sexual confusion, let go of thyphlodromes, etc). We still use some herbicides, but always in reduced quantity. The great location of our lots allows both natural maturity and early harvests with controlled yields.

Nathalie takes care of the work in the winery. We built our own winery back in 2004. Everything we do in the winery must preserve the excellence issued from our terroirs. To do this, the winery was designed on several levels to transport the grapes, grape must, and wine by gravity. We have small thermoregulated stainless steel tanks (20 to 50 Hl) to vinify each plot separately. The vinification is performed in stainless steel mainly, except for the Grand Cru Les Preuses and Premiers Crus Vaulorent and Mont de Milieu, where a part is performed in oak barrels.

After she obtained her diplôme d'ingénieur agronome at École d'Ingénieur de PURPAN and her diplôme national d'œnologue in Dijon, Julie brings a new momentum to the Family domaine. Her international experiences carry the domaine with new perspectives, firstly to constantly improve the quality of its wines, and secondly to follow the environmentally friendly approach (organic production, sustainable production, highly environmentally friendly production certification, etc).

Since 2015, we have decided to follow the path of the certification HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale = Estate with High Environmental Values). Our domaine was certified Estate with High Environmental Values, Level 3, not only because of our means of organic production, but for preserving the environment in a more global way. This certification, which is the highest certification level according to the Ministry of Agriculture, values all our efforts since our establishment in 2004.


*  *  *

We choose to be a part of Union des Grands Crus de Chablis to take part in the development of the best domaines in Chablis. The UGCC allows to receive great feedback from other domaines and perspectives to constantly improve the quality of our wines.

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